Homework / 家課

by Chet Lam / 林一峰

Release Date:  March 26, 2012
Label: LYFE Music

在<家課>中,三十首作品勾畫出一個香港男孩眼中的世界,這一個橫跨多於十年的旅程裡,大概可以分為三大路線:香港故事(雪糕車 / 塗城記 / 維多利亞 / 紅河村 / 活下來),旅行思考(離開是為了回來 / 遊子意 / 向著陽光 / 煙圈和肥皂泡 / CL411 / 重回布拉格 / 思路),與及生活藝術(給最開心的人 / The Best is Yet to Come / 今天應該更高興 / 一支煙的時間 / 青天草地溪水旁 / 簡單不簡單…等)。



The first ever career spanning album of the Hong Kong based singer songwriter Chet Lam, with three major themes: stories of Hong Kong, travel thoughts and art of living. Though you would definitely enjoy it to the extreme if you know traditional Chinese, musically you will find it interesting as a peek into the best Canto pop could offer.